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Email to Jean-Phillipe Colbert 
14th-Feb-2017 10:12 pm
From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Jean-Phillipe Colbert
Subject: Got someone you might want to meet.


Working in the Underground today, I met a newly manifested young woman whose powers reminded me very strongly of yours. I know you have a heart for the young ones... Would you be interested in being introduced to her?

15th-Feb-2017 03:32 am (UTC)
To: [sooraya]
From: [jpc]

I am always willing to assist. Let me know when and I will be there.

15th-Feb-2017 12:49 pm (UTC)
From: Qadir, Sooraya
To: Jean-Phillipe Colbert
Subject: Re: Got someone you might want to meet.

Got some time tomorrow? Jenny will be around then.

Let's say... Michael Bowen's church at five o'clock? I will be in the city already, so I'll meet you there.

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