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Nurse Friedlander
From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Strange, Stephen; Rambeau, Monica; Lewis, Darcy; Dane, Lorna; Summers, Alex;
Subject: Exam coming up

Hi everyone,

With the exam coming up, next week I'll be in my office in the medlab for questions and extra practice from 7.30 to 9 every evening Monday to Friday. Feel free to come find me if you need me.

8th-Feb-2017 04:12 pm - Email to Scott and Garrison
From: Friedlander, Sharon
To: Summers, Scott; Kane, Garrison
Subject: Advanced First Aid Simulation

I looked everything over today and it look good. All ready to go for next week, I think. Thanks, guys. I owe you a drink at Harry's.

6th-Feb-2017 10:20 pm - Left outside Kitty's door
A large ball of rubber bands with a home made batarang stuck into it, a lego camera filing a table and chairs set up in a restaurant scene tucked in just beneath it. 
2nd-Feb-2017 09:11 am - Left at Kitty's Door
Oh Really?
A bottle of her favorite wine and a mini personalized birthday cake with a belated birthday card that reads "Sorry for the delay (work sucks), hope the goodies make up for it. --Jean"
31st-Jan-2017 11:19 pm - Left on Miles' bed...
Head scratch
...what was clearly designed as a birthday cake (adorned with icing balloons and gift boxes on top) but with no birthday message on it, and a stack of some of his favourite graphic novels beside them.
31st-Jan-2017 06:58 pm - Text to Warren
[1/3] dude I hate to be a pain in the ass but I'm broke af and I wanna get Miles something to cheer him up
[2/3] like maybe a cake or something idk? he likes star wars n shit too, maybe I can get him a book or w/e
[3/3] he's sad and I just want to cheer him up. idk. I'm gonna get a job n I'll pay u bk, promise
25th-Jan-2017 12:00 pm - Text to Matt
member of Generation X
(1/3) I remember the name Hanrahan now! He's the guy building the new condos near my house in Brooklyn
(2/3) Googled a bit and found he's building lots of apartments around the city, mostly Ft Greene, District X and Harlem
(3/3) Why would he have dirty cops selling weapons to FOH tho???
24th-Jan-2017 01:24 pm - Emails to Tandy, Topaz and Sue
From: Abbott, Hope
To: Topaz; Bowen, Tandy
Subject: Need help?

Hi Tandy, Topaz,

I have over a hunderd jewelry boxes standing on the table here... Would you be willing to come help me sort through them? Please?



From: Abbott, Hope
To: Storm, Sue
Subject: I don't believe it...

But that idiot actually did it. He actually ordered the whole collection for me. What do I do now?!?!

23rd-Jan-2017 08:02 pm - Text to Hope
Oh Hope, dear Hope. We need you back at HQ. There are MANY boxes with jewelry store logos needing to be signed for by you.
23rd-Jan-2017 01:39 pm - Mayor to Meet with Mutant Leaders
CBS New York
Following four weeks of protests, sit-ins, and rallies, New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio, NYPD chief of police James O’Neill, and select members of the New York City Council have agreed to meet with mutant activists.

This massive unrest was caused by the acquittal of officer Raymond McCoffer for the shooting deaths of two mutants in District X, Raymond Ferrero and John Redden. Following in the footsteps of movements like Black Lives Matter, mutant activists and their allies took to the streets to protest what they claim is an anti-mutant bias within law enforcement and the justice system.

Public opinion polls vary and have swayed over time. While many NYC residents at least weakly supported the initial protests, opposition rose after the murders of McCoffer and his wife and several other people associated with the trial, apparently revenge killings.

Mutant activists swiftly condemned the murders and denied any involvement or knowledge.

A spokesperson for the grassroots organization Mutant Rights League expressed cautious optimism for this meeting. They have provided Mayor DeBlaiso with a list of 20 demands, along with proposals for solutions, that they say will improve public safety and community trust in the police.

Whether anything comes of this meeting remains to be seen.
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